Woodworking Project #2: Nail Polish Cabinet

I hope everyone is having a fun summer! I decided to take advantage of the long 4th of July weekend and tackle my 2nd woodworking project: a custom-built cabinet to house all of my nail polish! While I don’t consider myself a “girly-girl”, I have always enjoyed painting my nails and thus have accumulated quite the collection over the years. The building process went fairly smoothly. I began by cutting all of the pieces to size (hooray for using a miter saw for the first time!) and pre-staining them a trendy weathered grey. After that, the piece came together quickly. I constructed the cabinet and door separately, added the stainless steel handle and glass inset, and finished the piece off by attaching the door with 2 profile hinges. Interested in building your own? Adapted build plans can be found here courtesy of ana-white.com. Happy building!

2 thoughts on “Woodworking Project #2: Nail Polish Cabinet

  1. Hi Leah!
    Love it! I’m building one for my daughter, but I did have a question that I was hoping you could answer. How did you secure the middle cross boards on the door? I see the top and bottom are screwed with L brackets. I was going to use L brackets after gluing them. Did you use dowels for the second and third piece up from the bottom? The fourth piece uses the L brackets as well.
    Thanks for sharing, it came out great!

    • Hi Joe!
      Thanks so much for checking out my post! For the middle boards on the door I used dowels and wood glue to secure in place, however straight brackets would work also if you don’t mind the look of the extra hardware. Good luck finishing up your piece. I’d love to see a picture when complete!

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